Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Triple Power Icy Lemon Pops

This recipe is adapted from The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook.  Their recipe calls for 7 Tbsp. of sugar and is very sweet.   I substituted with honey and added in a few variations.

zest from one lemon
juice from one lemon (about 3 Tbsp.)
5-6 Tbsp honey
1 3/4 c water
1/2 tsp pure lemon extract
optional: small bits of fresh berries, 

Mix together lemon zest, juice, honey, and water in a small saucepan.  Heat, while stirring, to just below a simmer or until honey is evenly dispersed in the mixture.  Remove from heat and add lemon extract.  Let cool for a few minutes and pour into ice pop molds and freeze.

Because I can never just follow a recipe, but must play around, we tried adding a small handful of blueberries to each ice pop the first time we made them.  On the next round, we added sliced strawberries and substituted lime juice for lemon.  This strawberry lemon-lime version was my 8 year old's favorite.
My 4 year old and I prefer this lemon-cucumber version. ~ If you have a juicer and are feeling a little adventurous, you could add a 1/2 c of fresh cucumber juice after slightly cooling the mixture.  Add since I'm growing 'lemon' cucumbers in the garden, it makes it quadruple power :)

 Apparently, lemon cukes make pretty good toddler toys too :)

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  1. Love your substitutions! Sounds very refreshing!!


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