Tuesday, August 23, 2011

sweet tees and apricot soup

Sometimes when Camille and Sylvia are very quiet for very long, and also out of sight, it can mean mischief, but this time it resulted in some seriously cute tees.  They came out of Camille's room sporting these...

i love sylvia

i love camille

The girls also surprised me with an elaborate lunch when I got up from nursing Ayla down for a nap.  There was a mini garden salad, scrambled egg sandwiches with chard, a peeled apple to share, kale-dill-red pepper soup with marigold petals, and apricot soup in the works.

 Camille would like to share her apricot soup recipe so I will turn it over to her :)

two cups of water 
one sliced apricot 
four teaspoons of organic cane sugar
a dash of cinamon 
one pixy stix sprinkled ~ optional 
turn on medium high until it simers then turn on lo for one minut  

It was so good Sylvia asked Camille to make a whole 'nother batch.

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  1. How sweet of them! I love it that Camille was being extra safe by using an oven mitt. :)

  2. Beautiful, Nikole! The tees, the soup, the smiles, the togetherness. Yum. I want to drink it all up :)

  3. Love those tees! Beautiful! I keep thinking we need to make some tees here...we've only done tye-dye so far...


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