Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tiling the coop

We found some self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store (like a thrift store for building supplies).  I thought it would make the coop easier to clean, not to mention snazzy, so this was one of the final touches the coop needed before the ladies could try out their new home.
 Giant stickers to peel and secure to the floor...a perfect kid project.  Then each tile needed to be 'pressed firmly' or danced on, jumped on, strutted on, stomped on, hula-ed on, and twirled on.  It was quite the party ;-)

 While the coop isn't actually finished, it's structurally sound and good to go.  Next post...introducing the ladies to their new home.


  1. That is one impressive coop!! You've got some very luck chickens. :)

  2. And the mask is, of course, awesome.

  3. that is by far the jazziest chicken coop I have ever seen!


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