Monday, October 10, 2011

Not bored at all

Camille had the day off of school and didn't know if she wanted to come along to Sylvia's play rehearsal.  What would she do?  Would she be jealous watching Sylvia do something that she wasn't a part of?

Because Papa was working from home today, she had the choice to stay, but I really encouraged her to come along.  She hesitantly agreed.  We brought a snack, and a book and stencils, in case she got 'bored', and away we went.

Right from the start she was off and climbing hay bales with Sylvia.
 As it turned out, we were short a couple of fairies today, and Camille had a blast standing in for them.  Since there is always room for more fairies, she can participate in the final performance as well.  Yay!

 After rehearsal, the kids all headed straight down to the creek, to toss in stones, wade in the chilly water, and build dams.
 I even managed a shot with all three girls facing my general direction at once :)  That never happens.

 After all of this goodness, we had a lengthy drive home.  So, we stopped for frozen custard, and another stop at a playground to swing, slide, and hang from the monkeybars.  Yup, there was no boredom, or need to bring out our back-up supplies, but it can be comforting to have them along sometimes.

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