Friday, October 14, 2011

A s-l-o-w day

Today was a s - l - o - w day.  A nurture-a-teething-toddler day.  A be-an-inviting-lap-to-nap-on day.  Which suited me just fine...
I did roast a big pan of veggies (tomatoes, tomatillos, beets, garlic, and peppers) which turned into a lovely-colored, pureed sauce.  I cannot cut into a beet without Sylvia wanting to stamp it.  She loves seeing that beet juice on paper :)  So we did play around with that for awhile.

 We tried cranberries dipped in tempra paint stamped on cardboard.
 And even tried a squash-print.
 And planted garlic in our weedy pepper-and-onion garden.

There was more, but not much :).  I do love a good slow day now and again.


  1. I love this!! I need to try stamping with my girl...I love the effect.

    We just planted garlic, too! :)

  2. Yes, what fun! You can cut a potato in half, cut out a design (invert it) and use the beet juice for ink for birthday party invites, or even a spooky Halloween party. I too love slow days!



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