Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Building a wall

With the colder weather, I have been feeling slower, more inward, indoors, introverted.  Sylvia and Ayla and I keep busy during the day doing little projects, crafty, cooking, playing, but I just haven't felt much like documenting it all.  It's not very showy.  I have been feeling under the weather, as they say, not sick exactly, but dragging a bit, ache-y and cranky.  Enough whining, but there you have it.  

We have built a wall, or a half-wall, to be more precise.  My in-laws bought us a lovely wood burning stove, which we haven't needed to fire up yet with the radiant-floor solar-heating keeping us cozy.  The half-wall is to keep little bodies from getting too close to the stove when it is hot.  Papa and Camille cut, measured, and nailed together 2 x 4's to build the frame.  Papa put up the dry-wall.  I taped, mudded, sanded, and painted it.  I did have a little help, as everyone wanted to try their hand at mudding.  It was a lot like spreading thin clay or thick frosting over the wall to smooth the joints and nail holes.

 Besides building walls, Sylvia and I have been cozying up in various corners of the house with The Lorax card game.  She can't get enough.  You collect pairs of brightly colored Truffula trees and try to protect them with Lorax cards from the playful Barbaloots and the greedy Onceler.

 It's a messy work-in-progress right now, but this may become my favorite corner of the house when it's snowy and blustery outside.
I have a new respect for walls.

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