Saturday, October 8, 2011

a day at the cranberry bogs

Our friends invited us to join them at their family-owned cranberry bog to see the cranberry harvest.  It couldn't have been a more gorgeous day. 
 We drove golf-carts out to the fields and stopped to take a closer look at the cranberries hiding beneath the tops of the plants.

 When the berries ripen, the irrigated fields are then flooded and tractors are driven through with machines to shake the cranberries off of their plants.  The cranberries float.

 The cranberries are gathered and sucked up by a machine that sorts the berries into one truck and the twigs and debris into another.  These cranberries will be made into juice before they are sold to the consumer.

  The girls all enjoyed each others' company, climbing on the farm equipment, and nibbling on the tart berries.

 Then we headed over to the sand hill.  This sand is spread over the frozen bogs in the winter, but this time of year it is a glorious place to climb, leap, and slide.

 At some point the girls were all nekkid, wading, or leaping from the sand into the water.  Wheeeee!
 After all this excitement, there was a rest in the hammock (Shhh, I think she's really sleeping :), some frozen lemonade, and trampoline jumping.
 At the end of this very fine day, we were sent home with three gallons of fresh cranberries!  Do you have a link to a favorite cranberry recipe?

After a quick dinner, Camille's new friend from school and her parents and li'l bitty baby sister came over to visit.  Right now, there is much movie watching, popcorn-eating, and giggly merriment going on in Camille's room with her new-friend sleep-over goodness.  I am filled with gratitude for another truly wonderful day in this life.


  1. WOW! What an amazing day - I've never been to a cranberry bog! Looks like your family had a great time. :)

  2. That's so interesting. I had no idea how cranberries were grown & harvested before.


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