Monday, October 24, 2011

photos galore

 We had fabulous fall weather this weekend.  Perfect for a hike at Buckhorn State Park.

 Perfect for roasting ghost-shaped marshmallows.

Perfect for trying to tame some of the tall weeds around the property.  The girls spent hours flitting between helping me with yard work, helping Papa organize and de-clutter the garage, and building a fort under the deck.

  They were, respectively, the fairy princess of the garden, and the fairy princess of light.

Today, Sylvia and Ayla hand-fed the last of the cherry tomatoes to the chickens.  The ladies were delighted

My girls love to "put on a show".  Sometimes it feels like they want my constant attention, and when I frame it that way in my mind, it feels like a burden.  But, when I lovingly give my attention, and they've had their fill of it, we all feel better.  More connected, more calm, more centered.  Not just the girls, but me, too.  So, even if it's late in the day, and the laundry needs to be hung on the line, and the dishes need doing, and the bathroom needs cleaning (wah wah wah wah), the only thing to do is sit and enjoy the show (after grabbing the camera, of course ;).

 This show was presented by a troupe of "rare acrobatic frogs".

After the show, the girls offered to help hang out the wet laundry, and prep the brussels sprouts for roasting.  Win-win, I say.


  1. "Rare acrobatic frogs" AND brussel sprouts! Sounds like a fantastic weekend!

  2. I have spotted those rare acrobatic frogs here in Georgia...


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