Wednesday, October 19, 2011

grocery shopping ~ country style

Until our hens start laying, this is where we buy eggs.

 A road-side stop for squash.
 No drive in for groceries is complete without a stop at one of the nearby town libraries...

 Sylvia loves the big stuffed animals at this one.

These libraries are old-school.  Even with a book older than I am, you can see exactly how many times it has been checked out . . .ever.
 One of my new favorite places for certain groceries is this little store.  It is run by a family that homeschools their many (I think ten?) children.  The store is small, but they sell mostly local and/or organic produce, dairy, and meat.  They also sell bulk flours/nuts, gluten-free items, local honey and fermented foods, Amish butter, and canning supplies.  I can buy a half-gallon of local organic cream here for the same price as I would a half-pint at a larger grocery.  And the owner will walk your groceries out to your car if you happen to be holding a squirmy toddler in your arms :)  Last time I was here and inquired if they had rye flour, the owner told me they were out, but offered to grind some rye berries for me on the spot.  Sweet!

It's not one-stop shopping, but I love the connections.


  1. That is my favorite way to shop. We try to consolidate so we are not burning gas to do it, but we try to know as many people by name that we buy food from as possible. And direct from farm as much as possible. I love that about Wisconsin! :)

    Looks like an awesome store!

  2. I dream of someday living in a way that this is possible! School living isn't conducive, unfortunately, but someday... :) I love your blog, thank you for making my day all the time!

  3. I dream of being able to shop like that, its the lack of a car that stops us, and being in a big city!


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