Thursday, October 6, 2011

Three days worth of photos

It has only been 3 days since I shared a post here, but I will warn you that I took a lot of photos during those 3 days.  All summer we were more outdoorsy than we were craftsy, but we're starting to reincorporate the craftin'.  And if we can craft outdoors, even better!

There was kitty cat face painting, followed by a kitty-cat-who-climbed-too-high-in-a-tree rescue.

 Prop painting at homeschool play rehearsal this week

 More wet-felting.  These li'l elf shoes (pattern found on ravelry) are for Ayla, but there are more in the works before winter....I'm working out the kinks on some lightly felted jar cozies.  The shapes are not coming out as predictably as I would like.

 We finally shelled enough acorns and leached out the bitter tannic acid for our acorn flour.  Tomorrow, we bake with it.
 Ayla found the last few ground cherries out of the garden.  Yum.
 Our intrepid puppy Carly, the magnificent chewer-of-all-things, got to a "Great Illustrated Classic" book, so we made the best use that we could with what was left :)

 Today we had magnificent weather for a homeschool potluck at Sidie Hollow County Park.
Exploring the stream was the highlight of the day.  Just last night, Sylvia asked me what a laughing brook was (from our bedtime reading The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood).

 "Look, it's a laughing brook!"

 This evening, Camille and Sylvia set to work carrying leaves from the pear tree across the street because they couldn't wait to have a pile to jump in.
Autumn often makes me feel a little edgy.  It signifies that the cold of winter is on its way, and that the gloriously-sunny summer days are over.  But so far, this year...  Best.  Autumn.  Ever.


  1. we need to get into a craft mode again here. we've just been getting out and seeing things. we still haven't really decorated for fall...and there's halloween. i guess that's what we could think about when coming up with crafts...i have stuff to felt with but i'm not too confident in my abilities :-)

    Here is a cute pattern for mini felted pumpkins. It's next on my craft list :) Maybe

  3. Beautiful photos and what a lovely park. Do you really eat the acorns?


  4. Indiamommy, We really eat the acorns :) They have to go through a succession of boiling water baths, to leach out the tannic acid, which is what causes acorns to be so bitter. Then we grind the acorns(in a blender) and dry them into flour, to be added with other flour in baking.


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