Saturday, October 8, 2011

homecoming...rah! rah!

We are not generally a very sporty family, but in the continuing theme of 'say yes', when Camille wanted to participate in a youth cheer program at school, we said, of course, yes.  So, on Friday evening after baking some cider pumpkin doughnut holes to bring along and share, we went to the local homecoming game. 
  (I used whole wheat bread flour in place of reg. bread flour, and they were a tad bit dense, but very delicious!)
 Any doubts that a formerly homeschooled/unschooled child will have awkward "socialization" issues?  I think Camille is less awkward in social situations than I am ;-)

 Here's Ayla, in team colors even, enjoying a homemade doughnut hole.
 During half-time, Camille and some of her schoolmates did a couple of cheers and a choreographed dance.  It was fun to watch.
Go Rockets!


  1. You guys are so gorgeous! I love how you've taken this new phase in your lives and made it just so positive and together-y (I know; it's not a word, but it really should be!). I love what Yes brings to you all—how being open to this new world means you get all the goodness out of it. I love the photos and the joy on Camille's face. Those doughnut holes look scrumptious! And all of it just beams contentment—it's coming in waves over me and I can't help but smile :) Thank you for sharing this, Nikole.

  2. Oh, Helena, how I do appreciate your kind comments! Thank you.


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