Friday, October 21, 2011

A Harvest Play

The harvest farmers are weary from their hard work.  They drift to sleep and Mother Earth visits them with a dream.
In the dream the farmers are visited by a sparky fire sprite...
a twirling air sprite...                                                    a friendly water sprite...

and two stomping earth sprites.  
When the farmers are awakened, they have renewed energy and appreciation for all of the forces that go into creating a harvest.  The play ends with this song...

"Now all the farmers from far and wide,
Have gathered their bounty of countryside.
Corn and barley from field and wold,
Honey from beehive and wool from the fold,
Fruit from the orchard all ripe, red and gold,
Logs for the fire to keep out the cold."
~D. Hancock

And the evening ended with a lovely potluck in the barn.  Thank you to all who organized, participated, and shared their barn!!


  1. so neat that y'all have a little group to do stuff like that with.

  2. Is it possible to get a copy of the little play. It sounds adorable!

  3. The play was written by Marsha Johnson and can be found here:
    I don't have the book myself so I can't tell you more about it, but this play was written with 10-12 children in mind. It was a very sweet play and easily adapted to our group.


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