Sunday, October 2, 2011

by the water's edge

On Friday, the girls had dentist appointments in the city, so Camille took the day off of school, and we met some friends by the water's edge.  Then Camille and I had a movie date to see Harry Potter in 3D at the Imax theater (finally, I know, and we call ourselves Harry Potter fans).  It was awesome. 

I skipped out of the theater holding Camille's hand and Camille rolled her eyes at me, "Mooo-om!"  Just yesterday (so it seems) she would've skipped with me (but she did let me pick her up in a big bear hug and spin her around with her legs flying out while we waited to get picked up, so all hope is not lost yet ;).

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  1. great pictures! we saw lion king in 3d but i think it's a bit long for my 4 yr old. the IMAX shows at the museum are much better for us (around 30 min).


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