Monday, January 23, 2012

all three girls

Camille had another day off of school, and I have to say it really made me miss the days when she was unschooling.  We tromped out together to care for the chickens, and noticed that every weed and tree limb was encased in ice.  It was beautiful.
 She broke some off to show to Ayla.

I read through a large stack of books with all three girls by the woodstove, plus some browsing of  the BackYard Berry Book for me.  Camille was inspired by Blockhead; The Life of Fibonacci to figure the Fibonacci sequence to the 24th place.  46,368.  That's how many rabbits there would be if you started with 2 baby rabbits, it took them a month to become adults, and then they had 2 baby rabbits in another month, and those rabbits each did the same thing . . . on and on for 2 years (24 months).  
 Then Camille and Sylvia headed out into the snow.
 Ayla and I joined them for a while and Ayla had fun squirting watered-down food coloring out of an old shampoo bottle onto the snow.
  While Camille and Sylvia sledded down the hill outside of my bedroom window, I lay down with Ayla for her nap.  It was so quiet :)

 Then all three girls colored, and drew, and did math games on the living room floor.  Each to their own ability and interest.
 And yet another living room dance party / conga line / zumba class (we took turns following each others' moves)...

Then Camille (the serving wench) made and served sandwiches to order, including home baked bread, and homemade mayonnaise.

Camille does enjoy school, (and now that we have started wrestling on the bed every day after she gets home, she doesn't have any problems with built up energy and irritation :)  So, I am still happy for her, but I really love being with all three of my girls, and seeing how they learn, and interact with each other, and how the day ebbs and flows organically.  School doesn't end that, but it does interrupt it.


  1. This looks like such a fun day! I love it when my girls get to stay home - like you I have three girls! I often wished there was a way to mix homeschooling with real school so we could have a bit of both....I am bad about letting my youngest (12) play doesn't take much to get me to let her stay home and "play" with me!!!!!

    1. I think it's sweet that your daughter wants to stay home and play with you and that you let her. I would let Camille play hooky anytime she wants, and she knows it, but alas, she is very dedicated about attendance :)

  2. love the artwork in I ain't gonna paint no more.


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