Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Parfrey's Glen

Our midwinter days have started all blending together, but I think that putting two rope swings in the living room was our best idea ever.  They get used constantly.

Big highlight of the weekend, I scrubbed and organized the pantry.  It really needed it :)

 Our chickens haven't had much foraging with the snow cover, but they love the compost pile.
  I made a fresh batch of kimchi.

Sylvia asked to learn how to knit.  I think it's time to get her her own needles.

But today?  Today was inspired.  We went hiking at Parfrey's Glen.  There were birds calling (we saw a pileated woodpecker or two), and water bubbling over rocks, and the crunch of wet snow under our boots.

 Any semblance of a maintained trail ended before we reached the glen, and there was a partially-thawed, rocky creek bed to follow.  I'm so glad we were wearing water-proof boots.

 See Sylvia on the right?  She led the way almost the whole time.

  There is a waterfall just a little farther into the glen, but we stopped when the only ways through were either steep and icy or deep and watery.  Sylvia was happy to turn around, and she wanted to take lots of short breaks on the way back.  Ayla wanted to walk for about 5 steps, and then hopped back into the wrap to sleep the rest of the hike back.
It was declared when we were back to the parking lot, that Sylvia couldn't have taken one more step.  Whew!
 My soul is nourished by days like this.


  1. Good point, FF. I'm not sure why I mentioned them, but didn't have a picture. I snapped a quick one of Camille and added it in :)

  2. Parfrey's is open? Oh rapture! We're headed out there immediately!!!

    1. Jen,
      Parfrey's Glen is open and beautifully magical as always (maybe more so), but when it says Trail Ends Here you just have to keep going and follow the creek bed. Wear waterproof boots for sure!

  3. Nothing better than those soul-recalibrating days.

  4. That's exactly what you used to do when we would go hiking at Minnehaha Falls in the snow, or hiking in the fall at Taylor's Falls. You always wanted to lead the way!


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