Sunday, January 15, 2012

A joyful blur

This weekend was one big joyful blur.  One of Camille's bestest friends (and daughter of one of my bestest friends) celebrated her twelfth birthday.  12!  I remember the day she was born.
We met her family at an indoor amusement / water park.

 At the last minute it turned into a Mama and daughters hotel sleepover.  Fun!  So we spent a whole day doing this, got some sleep, and spent half of the next day doing it all over again.

 The girls had fun trying out Dakota's birthday gift.  A microphone with different effects.

 There was one short-lived but intense, hungry-tired-sensory-overload- freak out-melt down when it was time to leave (there had to be one of those, right?...with my girls anyway).  But overall, it was SO MUCH FUN.

What a privilege it is to have good friends and how wonderful to watch these girls grow up together.  A very happy twelfth birthday to you, Dakota!  Thanks for sharing it with us.


  1. That looks like a wonderful place to have a birthday party! Time really does go fast with children, it really is hard to know where those years go sometimes.

  2. Ahhh! It never even occurred to me that they have INDOOR water parks! It looks like sooo much fun (apart from the freak-out - why are there always at least one of these?). Thanks for sharing!


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