Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I spent most of two days in bed reading mystery novels with a head cold and a serious earache.  When I felt able to be up and about, I felt crazy restless, like I desperately wanted to hit the highway on a roadtrip to the mountains, or the ocean, or a Rainbow gathering....

I felt sort of trapped, until I recognized that this restlessness was part nostalgia of ye olde hippie days, and part the simple need to get up and GO.  Since turning back the clock is not an option, I grabbed up some snacks, water, dog leash, stroller (modified bike trailer, big enough for two), and of course, my camera, and stepped out the door.

all photos followed by an asterisk were taken by Sylvia



  sipping cherry-ginger compote, (I forgot a spoon)

 I won't pretend it satisfied my restlessness the way heading to New Mexico in a VW bus would have, but it did satisfy.  There's something lovely about walking down a hilly, winding, dirt road.  When home came back in view a couple hours later, it felt welcoming rather than confining.

We had scrambled eggs and smoothies for dinner, and all is well.

What do you do when you feel crazy restless?


  1. I know that feeling!!! Geez, I've been feeling the same way lately. Seriously!

    We got out today, too, took a long walk along the lake and I worked in the garden a bit, and it definitely helped. Seems like the more we're outside, the better it is. But I do have that stirring inside me, too...I kept thinking about the Barter Fair today, about wanting to head out to the Okanagans.... I wonder if it's something to do with the season?

    The pictures are beautiful, by the way! :)

  2. Yes I know what you mean. If I cant get out and go to the North Georgia mountains. I will clean.

  3. I know how you feel. I usually pack food and music into the car grab the kids and head for the hills and a picnic. Or I go somewhere that makes me calm in a spiritual way, a hilltop, old castle, river etc. Then coming home I feel more me again. The sea and rivers help alot as like the idea that the flow is going somewhere different and it is continious and changing all at the same time.

  4. Clean or run. I am an impatient sort and need quick results.

  5. It's interesting to me that two of you mentioned cleaning. It's the last thing that I 'feel' like doing when I'm restless, but it would probably help :)


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