Sunday, January 22, 2012

fun at the farm store

Camille had a pool party to go to for her friend's birthday in a town about 30 miles away.  After dropping her off, we had a couple of hours to spare before picking her up.  We ended up spending most of that time in a farm supply store.  Sylvia found 1/2" x 10" steel carriage screws that weighed 1/2 a pound each.  Then she played around with how many you needed for certain weights.
She did the same for steel nuts at 1/4 pound each.  That's some good unschooling math there ;)

Ayla liked the large washers.

 Guess who ended up with a pedal tractor for an early birthday present?  It was extremely discounted.  She's been riding it around the living room.  Gotta love having wide open indoor spaces!

 I was admiring this rustic rocking chair, and Papa said he'd build one for me.  So, we took pictures from all angles.  It will probably be awhile...right now he's installing a shower, and sweating copper pipe, and other plumber-y stuff :)

I also got a beautiful (and discounted) cast iron pan with a lid that can double as a dutch oven if I want to experiment with more cooking on the woodstove.  I do love cast iron.  And we got Camille an egg-collecting basket.

I'm not a big shopper, and I'd previously only really liked craft and yarn stores, and the natural food co-op.  Who knew that I would be excited to hang out at a farm supply store?  

Here's Camille modeling her egg basket and a new dress that I made her.  I had cut the pattern about a year ago, and it's not quite the right season, but I finally finished it!  Sewing is so quick compared to knitting, but it's much harder to set up and put away, so it's been ages since I pulled my machine out.  I tend to have little girls crawling all over me.

I still have unfinished sewing projects hanging around since before I was, 13 1/2 years ago.  So, I guess I can't entirely blame it on the kiddos.

Not sure how I feel about the dress with that shirt, but I think it will be adorable as a sundress :)

Time to go pretend that my daughters are statues and that I cannot fathom how they morph into so many different positions.   Adios. 

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  1. That looks like so much fun shopping! Your girls are so sweet :-)


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