Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Momentum (and lots of pictures)

Today swept us along from one thing to the next in such a lovely way.  S had her ballet class at the YMCA, while C and I played a lively game of ping pong.  Then, we stopped at the bank where my hungry girls got free popcorn and candy to tide them over while we shopped at the co-op.  Some of the phrases I enjoyed hearing out of their mouths were:  "Can we get green beans?  I love them.""Mmmmm, fresh spinach." and "Ooooh, red quinoa?  Why is it red?"  (Quinoa is actually a closely related species to beets)  They also each got to pick out a bag of organic candy.

We stopped at home for a quick lunch, and headed across the creek, for a "nature walk".  The birds were singing so loudly, we could forget we were in the middle of a city.  We pretended we were wizards from Hogwarts, and talked about nature magic.  I mentioned that the magic of thistles to protect themselves was contained in the shape of the leaves, and C talked about how the magic of strawberry plants to survive the winter lies underground.  We also found "wands" and the girls ran ahead casting spells all over the woods.    Even Tempe enjoyed the long walk, and managed quite well for a 13 yr. old grandpa dog.  Then, we finished most of C's Girl-scout cookie deliveries in the neighborhood.

While I made dinner (fresh guacamole and enchiladas prepped yesterday and reheated. perfect), S made lemonade and C played some games on the computer that she hadn't played in awhile.  Mancala snails and National Geographic puzzles (both worth checking out.  I like them).  All the while, A was peacefully along for the ride.

Don't get me wrong, I love lazy days, and often wish there were more of them, but today was lovely.  It had momentum, and I liked it.

...and at the end of the day...


  1. I love momentum days, too. They make my heart happy!! :)

  2. hello - thank you for visiting me. What a beautiful, happy blog you have. I hope you don't mind me following your journey. xx

    The Interrupted Gardener

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day! :)

  4. Thanks, Jacqui. You are, of course, welcome here, and I was really happy to have run across your blog, too.

  5. What a beautiful, beautiful picture of your girls walking together. So precious!


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