Saturday, November 13, 2010

wool diaper covers

Today is a slow, sleepy, drizzly day.  We saw a magic show at the library, ran into some friends with their kids, and all went out for lunch and tea.  The people at the cafe were kind enough to let us stay and let our kids run around, while they cleaned up after it was closed.  All of the kids were able to burn off some of their energy playing tag.

 I recently received a large batch of wool longies and soakers (diaper covers) for free from a kind woman in the local homebirthers' group.

  These are mostly sewn from re-purposed wool sweaters.  Some of them need a little mending, which is my plan for this evening.  Many of these are too big for A, so it inspired me to finish this diaper cover I've been knitting off and on for a while (I used the curly purly soaker pattern from ravelry).

Cloth diapering is definitely the ecological choice, and the gentle-baby-bottom choice, but it's also darn cute sometimes, no?

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