Sunday, November 28, 2010

an ordinary Sunday

We started the day with brunch at one of my favorite restaurants.  C and S both got mango lassis (yogurt drinks) and dal (Indian bean soup) instead of their usual order of waffles.  C and I have a plan to try out different dal recipes, and want to start with red lentil dal.
C counted all of her Girl-scout cookie money, added the checks, and figured how much we still owed for the cookie sales that are due tomorrow.  It was much better than any math worksheet!  She added, subtracted, multiplied money values, worked with decimal places, and ate thin mints all the while ;-)

roller-skating in the house?
of course

S found roller skates recently at a thrift store, and had fun skating up and down the hallway and through the dining room.
We also went to a craft store where half of the things on my list just happened to be 40% off or more.  I love it when that happens.  We needed watercolor paper, sock yarn, jingle bells, and a compass for upcoming projects.  We also couldn't pass up a light-up yo-yo, and light-up magnet toy for $1 each.  I'm not a big "shopper", but this was a pleasant trip with my three girls.  C just told me that she's glad that she has only sisters and that I'm a "girl-maker" (he he he)

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  1. Roller blades in the house is a yes here too - great in the winter.

    I agree that money is the best thing with math. My guys know decimals, fractions, addition, multiplication, subtraction. All from moola. :)


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