Friday, November 5, 2010

Pottery, chickens, and math

Another busy day ... C had pottery class and S chased chickens to stay warm.

During all of our driving around today, C kept wanting verbal "math tests", her idea, NOT mine.  She even wanted to be graded (with wizarding grades from Harry Potter).  Thanks to a good friend mentioning variables last night, we talked about x.  As in, 20 times x equals 80.  What is x?  Of course, we had to work up to that one, but she got it, and kept wanting more.  (She got an O for Outstanding).  When we went to the co-op, we tried to estimate how much our fruit would cost and weighed everything on the hanging scale.
Then, after we made West African peanut stew (inspired by this recipe), we went to a family Zumba class at the Y.  Zumba is dance/aerobics with a fusion of Latin and hip hop.  I wore A in her carrier, where she promptly fell asleep while I bounced around to the loud music.  Go figure.  Later at home, A sat in her Papa's lap and thoroughly enjoyed making noises on the guitar.  Whew, time for bed....

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  1. Oh, where is her pottery class? A has been wanting to do a wheel class, so have been looking around for a good program.

    My guys do math quizzes in the car too...they beg and beg! :)


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