Wednesday, June 22, 2011

driving the Verde girls (and an unschooler chooses school)

Although we are enjoying (not only enjoying, but thrilled-to-our-toes) to be settling down in the country, there is part of me that loves to wander.  This happens to be mostly satisfied by country walks and the larger distances that we inevitably have to drive if we want to go anywhere.  It is about 90 miles into the city, which we did today for a doctor's appointment.  We love to stop at unexpected places wherever we go.  Whether it be a hand-lettered sign pointing towards Indian Mounds, a hydroelectric dam, an appealing dirt road, (a Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru), or Dr. Evermore's road-side attraction, our car is prone to suddenly swerving off the main road and stopping to check it out.  Dr. Evermore creates fantastical metal sculptures, and while the main display was gated off and closed on a Wednesday, we were able to get close-up and personal with the highway-side sculptures that were there.

*photo by Camille

Besides the last-minute stops and random detours, us Verde girls tend to enjoy being in the car together as well.  Much of our drive-time is spent singing, telling stories, and other giggly merriment.  And when the two littler ones fall asleep, as they tend to do, Camille and I have some of our best heart-felt conversations.  She asks to hear stories from when I was a kid, teenager, and young-adult and tells me that my life is like a movie :)  She opens up about things that bother her or thrill her.

I love being friends with my kids, as well as their mother.  This doesn't mean I don't occasionally get frustrated or overwhelmed, but that on the whole, I truly delight in who they are. As I write this, I'm also struggling a bit with letting go.  Camille really wants to try school again, and as an unschooler, who am I to say, "you can learn any way that works best for you, except that way...the one in the box over there...that the other kids are learning in"?  She did try school for a couple of months at the beginning of 1st grade, but she was a self-proclaimed know-it-all, and got both bored and bullied and wanted to come back home.  So I intend to support her decision to go back to school, and if she rediscovers that she prefers to learn at her own pace at home, I intend to support that too.  pffffffffffff * blowing out a deep breath and learning to let go a little more...


  1. if they want to try it, i guess you've got to let them. i have a feeling my kids are going to want to go so they can ride the school bus.

  2. Yup, the school bus is a big draw. She also tends to want what is new, different, and exciting. To her at this point, school seems to be that. From my perspective, not so much. But I'm trying to see it from her perspective, and I get the desire to enter that world, even if I don't like it.


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