Monday, June 6, 2011

day to day

                                                      Ronda and Carly

Well, we uprooted our city lives and transplanted to the country just over a week ago.  What do our days look like now?  As unschoolers we have the freedom to structure (or not) our days as we choose.  I like how this has given us the freedom to adjust and explore our new surroundings in our own time.  Since we've moved here our days in general have looked like a little unpacking, a little gardening, and a lot of PLAY.  Yesterday we had friends over for a visit.  The kids played in the pool, explored the woods, and picnicked with watermelon, lemonade, hotdogs over a fire, and other summery goodness.  Today, we drove the 7 miles of winding, hilly (and occasionally gravel) roads into the nearest little town and explored the various parks we found.

Back at home, Sylvia declares, "I love this mud.  Mama, will you dig in the mud with me?"  How can I resist?  Time to put the teething babe down for a nap, tie up the dreads and dig in the mud.  We built a little home for Elfina, Leaf and their three daughters, with an attached stable for their pet dragonfly. 

 After dinner, Camille joined in and it began to grow into a village.

The momentum of the day carried us onto a 2+ mile family walk down (and back up) the hill.  I love days filled with their own momentum, don't you?

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  1. I love every one of these happy summery pictures!
    The mud creation is fantastic. Mud is wonderful stuff :)
    I agree with you, the absolute best thing about unschooling is is flexability. It adapts to all circumstances in life and embraces them as unique learning experiences in and of themselves.
    I was thinking about writing a post on this sometime too. We have a new baby which has been a great learning experience for the children. Being at home together has meant that we can really indulge in her which is wonderful.
    Enjoy your lovely sunny days together :)

  2. Life looks good. So happy to hear about the days in your new world!

  3. Looks like so much fun. I especially like the dragonfly stable.

  4. Wonderful pictures, and that mud town looks fantastic! Thanks for linking up to Outdoor Play! Hope we'll see you back tomorrow for this week's blog hop/linky.


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