Saturday, June 4, 2011


*photo by Sylvia
My birthday started with a trip to the garbage dump (after coffee).  Yup, no garbage removal here and the dump is open limited hours. We followed this with a trip into the nearest large-ish town.  We discovered a local family restaurant where we got a pizza with artichoke hearts, sausage and goat cheese toppings.  It was one of the tastiest pizzas I have ever eaten.  We got new library cards for the family, and bought some supplies for our new puppy as well as an electric weed-whacker ( my birthday present :) )  I'm all for hand-weeding and trimming in the city, but the weeds out here are of a whole different caliber.  The hubby fixed the clothes line where one of the side-beams had snapped and hung out the clothes, while I weeded, mulched, and weed-whacked.  I had cold pizza, and a pb and j made by my 4 year-old for dinner, followed by some chocolate.

I should mention that I feel inordinately happy, satisfied, and sun-kissed and couldn't have asked for a better day!  Really.

I have been accidentally telling people that I am 34 off-and-on since I was 32.  Not sure why that number kept getting me mixed up, but it feels great to be 34 for real now :)


  1. Many birthday blessings. It looks like you had a perfect day - and that pizza!!! So nice to be exploring your new nearest town - and to come home. xxx

  2. I did that last year!! The whole year I kept saying '42', when really I was 41! So I guess this year I'm 41 :)
    Happy 34!


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