Wednesday, June 1, 2011

home sweet home

Here are some snapshots of our first few days at the new homestead...

 We woke up on our first morning here to see the first of the iris blossoms, and the last of the apple blossoms...

and the cherry blossoms becoming cherries.

Here's the solar array, and behind it is about 9 acres of organic farmland that is part of the property.  It is currently being farmed by a dairy farmer that lives about a mile away.  He grows crops to feed his happy organic cows.

Sylvia was eager to welcome our new raspberry plants with fresh sprays of water.  These plants are descendants of ones that my great aunt grew, and that I grew up eating with cream and sugar.

This area previously had a huge pile from a knocked-down house and barn, but the Raye's (the family who built this house and are now on their way to start a new adventure in Hawaii) burned it and buried the remaining rubble, a nice spot for a huge raspberry patch.  Those lil plants will spread eventually, right?
 Camille harvested nettles from our "backyard".

 Ayla rode along while I took a hoe to some of the weeds that sprung up since we planted out some garden plants two weeks ago.  (Note to self:  pick up lots and lots of mulch to smother the weeds)

*photo by Camille
apple and cherry trees

We walked half-a-mile up the road to this gorgeous view with my parents (and Tempe-dog).  It's hard to tell the scope of it from this photo, but you can see for miles and miles from here.  My parents also helped us unload the truck and brought food, and one of the friendly neighbors brought us over a pan of delicious rhubarb crisp.  So, we are being well-fed :)  Most of our neighbors have dropped by to say, "Give us a call, if you ever need anything..."    I can definitely get used to this country-livin'.  The girls and the dog have been happily running wild, and this is how I feel about being here...
 *photo by Camille


  1. Oh wow! Clearly you guys are going to be just miserable up there. :D Can't wait to hear more!

  2. How wonderful - in fact that last photo just says it all. Blessings on your new home. xxx

  3. Welcome HOME, Nikole!! I am so thrilled for you. I love this new adventure of yours and have been so looking forward to your move. I hope it all went smoothly for you. How exciting your first night must have been!

    Those pics look great—there's just so much space and so much Future in them (and a very Happy Now, too)!

  4. Yay! How exciting. I'm so glad to hear your move went well and you are in. Maybe we'll see you at the Kickapoo Country Fair this summer! :)

  5. We love looking at your pictures. The place looks so different to me. I love seeing through your eyes. The Rayes:)


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