Friday, June 3, 2011

meet Carly

*photo by Camille
Each time I passed the little hand-lettered sign that said "Australian Shepherd puppy for sale", I felt like turning into that rural driveway a few miles from our new home.  Well, third time passed it, and we now have a new family member.  She's a thirteen week old little bundle of fur, and we all love her, Tempe included.  I wasn't sure how our fourteen year old, only-dog, would react, but he was smitten from the very first sniff.
The woman who sold Carly to us was a very friendly animal-loving smoker who kept a large chainsaw just inside her front door, and horse riding supplies in her living room.  
She took a liking to our family though, and sold us this pup for a ridiculously cheap price.
Carly was the runt of seven sisters and has a very playful demeanor and big ol paws,
 but she's gentle enough that even Ayla adores her and keeps saying, "puppy, puppy, puppy".

 It's day two, and these two Australian Shepherds, young and old, are already inseparable.


  1. Ohhhh. Yum.

    I love the pics of them together. Instant, unquestioning love. Beautiful, Nikole. And congratulations on your new, gorgeous family member!

    (And I love how these dogs are called Australian Shepherds over there! Here, in Oz, they're called Border Collies. Funny! The same, yet different. :) )

  2. We also have an Aussie and we love him!! Carly is sooooo cute. I want a puppy so much.....! Congrats.

  3. How awesome!!!! I love her from here :) Congratulations!


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