Tuesday, June 7, 2011

laundry line goodness

As far as household chores go, I adore hanging clean laundry out to dry.  I find it extremely satisfying, and judging by all of the beautiful laundry line photos I see out there in blogland, I'm not the only one.

Sometimes I think about the first humans who might have hung their furs over a bare branch to dry after a soaking rain.  I try to fathom how very many generations of women and children have hung their families' clothing since then.  Sometimes I have little helpers to distract me from my wandering thoughts.

Everything looks so fresh and lovely flapping in the breeze, whether it's a holey t-shirt or a handmade sundress.

This is solar and wind energy at their most basic, straight from the source.

1 comment:

  1. I belong to that group! :)
    Though currently I"m battling with aphids. hmmph!

    :) Still doin' it, though.


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