Monday, June 13, 2011

exploring country roads

When you head out for the day with a packed lunch and no main destination, and you travel down some country roads, you might find...

a stream to explore...

 space to run free (which is right next to a panther effigy Indian mound)...
wildflowers to pick...
 (and a cupholder to put them in)
 a painted turtle on a dirt road...

and a hydroelectric dam.

We also met a couple of local families, some shy Amish children, and some kids who were camping and had a different painted turtle that they were building elaborate passages for in a sandbox.  All in all, a day well spent (and now Camille wants to be Amish :)


  1. Gorgeous, Nikole. What a scrumptious summer you're having! We would have loved to spend this day with you. I love trips with no fixed destination, just all of you open to what you might find :)

    And that's very, very cute about Camille.

  2. Helena, we would have loved to have you along (or perhaps gone on a lovely adventure in Oz :)

  3. love the idea of just driving with no destination. why didn't i think of that?

  4. What an adventure :)

    Your blog is really lovely, I look forward to reading more!
    Gina xxx

  5. This is the very reason I am so looking forward to unschooling our children. They are only 2 and 10 weeks at the moment but days like these really make me happy.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  6. What a beautiful day. So free and easy. Those flowers are lovely, and so is the turtle :o)

  7. Oh, lovely day! Makes me want to go find a wildflower field. :)


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