Thursday, June 9, 2011

children's museum

We took a mid-week trip into the city to run errands and meet with friends.  As homeschoolers, we enjoyed the relative peace of the children's museum before the schooled children are free for the summer.
 Camille took these two kaleidoscope photos.

 Dress-up play never seems to grow old.

 Camille and her sweetheart on the human gerbil wheel

 Sylvia loves the arts/crafts room.  Even Ayla wanted in on the window painting action.  
This is the moment before she gave her hair punky blue streaks.

Life with three daughters can be exhausting and challenging at times, but it is also filled with wonder and joy, snuggles and kisses, song and laughter.  These more than make up for the occasional name-calling, too-much-togetherness, not-so-gentle squeezes that can spill over sometimes.  There is a lot of love to go around.

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  1. Nikole, I am catching up on these recent posts and just loving them. I love how your days vary from pure country days, of gardens and puppies and walks and mudplay, to this day of awesome museum-going goodness! It's great that you're not too far from your old life, but able to be fully immersed in your new life. It seems like the perfect mix.

    And a belated Happy Birthday, by the way! I am so glad you are where you are, in so many ways, and that I get to share it with you through your words and photos. Thank you—sending Birthday wishes and smiles! :)


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