Tuesday, June 21, 2011

keepin' it real

Well, life can't be all sunshine and strawberries.  Just to keep it real, my car died.  Papa was stranded at the library two towns over with Ayla and Sylvia for an hour and a half before he could get a hold of me.  When I finally got there, there was some of this 
 and this
 He ran to get a new battery and a wrench while I took the girls to a little park.  Some more tinkering, but no luck with the new battery...
So, there was some big sister read-aloud...we were sort of stranded at a library after all
 and climbin' around
 and the library had a clock tower...
 and we wandered the town to try to shake off the mosquitoes.  Eventually, we all made it home in Papa's car, but my car is still at the library.  Tomorrow is another day...

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