Wednesday, June 15, 2011

let's go fly a kite...

*photo by Camille

stack some wood...

hang out the wash...
 ...take a ride with the pup
All very fine breezy day activities yesterday.  Today is less photogenic with a steady rain.  Going to the library, pulling weeds in the drizzle, cooking chili, squishing mud through our toes, and now there seems to be an iCarly marathon going on...still a fine day.


  1. somehow, i still have not flown a kite with my kids. i'm beginning to think they're depraved. looks fun!

  2. Oh, YUM. I love love love kite flying. Have not done it enough with my kids. But now it's winter, are we brave enough to go out in THAT wind? It's actually kind of tempting!

    Your kids' kid flying day looks glorious. Just all-the-way-through scrumptious. Once, long ago, a friend and I took a kite for a walk, for about an hour, around a lake. It was so much fun. And I used to fly kites with my dad all the time. Ah. Your photos have given me a sweet trip down memory lane. Thank you so much for that, Nikole!

  3. Not kid flying! No no!

    Kite. Is what I meant. Silly me!

    (Though kid flying sounds just awesome too :) And it almost looks like they're about to take off, in some of those pics)

  4. @ Freedom Three, I'm sure your beautiful kiddos are neither deprived nor depraved from their lack of kite-flying ;)
    @Helena. yes. kid-flying! there is a lot of galloping and flapping of arms in the tall grasses, and I'm quite sure they get lift sometimes :)


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