Monday, June 20, 2011


We went strawberry picking today shortly after a rain shower.  Camille has some sensory issues with her hands being wet or touching certain textures and she was reluctant to help pick berries, but when she realized it was an Amish farm, she dug right in.  She has a fascination with Amish culture right now since we regularly see Amish horse-and-buggies and people dressed in Amish clothing around here.  She had to wipe her hands on the back of my shirt often (good thing I wore a strawberry-colored shirt :), but was otherwise comfortable enough.  Sylvia, on the other hand, adores getting her hands messy.


*photo by Camille

                                                  *photo by Camille

 Back at the home garden, we harvested our first broccoli of the year.

 And Camille added a new pet slug named Burdock to her expanding collection.  The two Eastern tent caterpillars are named Tatiana and Rainbow, the Forest tent caterpillar is named Jane (after the cowgirl, "Calamity Jane").  And so it goes...


  1. mmmm, those strawberries look delicious.

    We have had many pet slugs here too!
    Gina xx

  2. Oh, interesting that she picked for that reason. A won't pick things if they are wet and doesn't like getting wet or muddy either. :)


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