Sunday, June 19, 2011

more country-love photos

 I haven't posted in a few days, but rest assured we are well and good and busy.
mmmm, rhubarb

stackin'         wood

spying purple peas blossom and *tons* of wild berry bushes on the property

 good old-fashioned runnin' through the sprinkler (or crawling)
 Grandma joined the girls (and puppy) in the "sandbox" this Father's Day weekend for some sand sculpting

 Camille found a beautiful (yet dead) butterfly, as well as Eastern and Forest tent caterpillar "pets".  The Forest one is spinning a silky tent and one of the Eastern ones has spun itself a tight little green cocoon.

...and a little domestic work for good measure.

joining Owlet for the first time for

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  1. Such lovely photos, your new home looks amazing :)


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