Friday, June 24, 2011

in and out work and play

As unschoolers, we tend not to specify time for work vs. play, educational vs. real life activities (except for Papa, who has the actual paying job that *thank goodness* he loves and can usually do from home).  So our days tend to flow through in and out, work and play in an organic way, depending on the weather, our moods / energy levels, and what we want to accomplish.
planing newly hung doors

 whipping cream

I think this is a good counterpoint to our culture's view that work isn't fun, and play isn't educational.  For example, I actually love stacking wood and hanging out the clean laundry.  These things satisfy me to my soul in ways I never would have guessed.

 muddy play

the humble beginnings of our chicken coop

And daily, I see my kids come to me with facts or questions that would fall under the categories of reading, spelling, math, science, or history, just because they're curious, they love learning organically, and their lives are full of opportunities to indulge their imaginations.  So, with Camille's desire to go to school, I'm viewing it as one more learning opportunity that's available to her, albeit with much less organic flow.
 The Greatest Dot to Dot Super Challenge Book 8 and sticker mosaics
...and as I was putting together this post, I took breaks to take the dogs out which led to weeding the potato patch, and another break for friend-love on the phone, and baby-nursing, kid food-preparation help, mmmmmmmm,     it's how we  f l o w

Joining Stephanie again over at Ordinary Life Magic with my favorite Create! of the week

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  1. you know how to flow
    hangin' up doors (pronounced doughs)
    whip cream for sure (pronounced show)
    mud in the toes
    yeah that's how i flow.
    thank you. thank you very much.

  2. that only took me about a minute to write! talent.

  3. @ Freedom Three ~ nice. if you don't like your first one you can throw down another ;-)
    (I deleted your other comments)

  4. thanks. maybe i'll throw down another on your next post. bring it.

  5. Great post, I love how unschooling is so free flowing :)

    I also know exactly what you mean about the satisfaction of hanging laundry and stacking wood, I love lighting the fire too, such a simple, ancient task which always makes me feel nourished xxxx
    Gina xxx

  6. great post! love the mud play and those little feet.

  7. Yes, Nikole! I'm always so so so much happier when I'm not trying to fit us into a box, when the kids are just Being, and I'm Being, and we're Being together. The Flow can take us to some truly beautiful places :)

    And it's SO TRUE how people think work and play can't be fun and educational. It's so nice to see things the way they actually are.

    I loved all your descriptions of your day…and those doors are beautiful!!

  8. Beautiful post! Beautiful life you bring to your family.

  9. I second Helena's comment wholeheartedly.
    Beautiful post!


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