Thursday, June 9, 2011

takin' it easy

Today, we passed a couple of Amish horse-and-buggies on our drive to pick up our first CSA farm share of the season (anybody got any good collard green recipes?).  We talked about how it might feel to live without the technologies and conveniences that we are used to.  We looked up how a rooster actually fertilizes a chicken egg.  We worked on puppy-training, watched TV (the girls love Xena:  Warrior Princess), um, tried to stay warm...
Here's a benefit to living in an unfinished house :)  Camille can cover her walls with doodles and layers of art graffiti-style.

 In other news, the weather has dropped about 40 F since yesterday, requiring multiple layers on our walk.  Ayla fell asleep bundled in her sparkly pink rockstar vest.   Pretty sweet.
Sometimes a good layin' low and takin' it easy kind of a day is just what we all need.

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